New Year’s 2012 (Restoring Freedom)

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New Year’s 2012 (Restoring Freedom).

Just had to do a re-post/blog of this one from the beginning of the year. We need to keep getting the message out about protecting our freedom’s that we keep losing a little more each day here in America. Please read & pass on if you believe in your right to freedom in this country.

I Refuse to be a “Sheeple” or a “Mindless Zombie”



Folks, I’ve gone ahead & added more to my comments from yesterday, with a bit of editing thrown in as well but the message remains the same.  I can’t stress enough how lately, I just don’t recognize my own country anymore. It’s like so many of us have become a bunch of Zombies, no longer thinking for themselves. It’s appears so many have been “trained” to listen to the commands of the media or their favorite millionaire pop star when making some of life’s biggest choices on how to deal with very important issues during such troubling times.

In this year 2012, election year, I still can’t believe so many American citizens are selling out by choosing a presidential candidate, because they are told their candidate can’t win.  ‎WAKE UP PEOPLE!  If these candidates they have chosen for you are not what you stand for, then don’t vote for them. Please do your homework & if they don’t measure up to your standards, then ignore who the media tells you is “electable!”

Instead I beg you to think for yourselves & avoid being brainwashed “sheeple”, whether it be in politics or any day in your life that you discover a cause based on a personal belief.  You should always choose to put up a good fight. Don’t give in to the pressure of the majority. Like our ancestors, that’s an admirable quality that shaped us into great Americans & made this country an amazing one & I am deeply appreciative & proud to be a part of continuing this patriotic tradition.  

When you stick to your principles and live, act out, vote, survive the criticism & live to tell the story with pride; it’s so much easier to sleep at night & live with yourself. Taking the right action based on the facts & your own opinion & beliefs, makes you a much better person,  neighbor, husband/wife or family member & it gives us “free citizens” (not subjects which is how we’ve been treated here lately in America), a much better country & world to live in.

Again, don’t settle for something less that what you believe in. Every day above ground is another chance to get it right. You’re not dead yet. Go out & start today! Your candidate “can win” if enough of us help them do it! 

New Year’s 2012 (Restoring Freedom)

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It’s a new year in the Free World
Majestic clouds roll by
with a cool breeze off the water
I sit and ponder why

A world that looks so peaceful
could end up such a mess
we blink for just a moment
Enough I can not stress

Just what I think we’re headed for
Might never been the same
It’s much too late to worry now
Of fault and who’s to blame

It’s time for us to take a stand
Indeed we must make haste
For the price we paid for freedom
Is far too great to waste

Instead let’s look for answers
And leaders who are just
To help redeem our principles
Restore our nation, our trust

For all this pointing fingers
The lies, deceit and hate
And choosing to ignore the task
Could easily seal our fate

It’s time to bring together
Once great is now forlorn
With pride, hope and love
In the image she was born

So on this of all New Years
I beg you, please reflect
And choose your part, no goal too small
return our dignity and respect

I don’t believe we’ve lost her yet
We must stop keeping score
Instead seek wisdom from our past
To learn there’s so much more

Bless all those who gave us strength
From generations past
To know their dreams were not in vain
And truly meant to last

By Katie Anne Bergagnini