“My Buddy, My Friend” A Poem by DJ Katie

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My buddy, my friend

My partner in crime

You are my song

My rhythm & rhyme


You are my joy

In every smile

I cherish our time
I love your style


Every day

More than twice

You make me laugh

You add the spice


That jazzes up

My daily grind

The love I thought

I’d  never find


So here’s to you

My special friend

I hope our journey

Will never end


By DJ Katie (dedicated to Mark)





Healthy Hugs For My Social Networking Friends


It seems all I ever hear about on my social websites lately are constant conversations about “feeling sick and sad” and for some of them, it’s just about every day of the week!

I wish I could bring them all down to sunny Florida, dose them up with some Vitamin D and feed them some healthy organic & all natural food.

I’d take them on a refreshing walk along the beach, throw their junk food, sodas and meds in the trash and then give them a big hug and a boost of self confidence.

Then they would be well on their way to a full, enriched and happy life. (Hey, I’m 49 and I just started this a few short years ago and I’m here to say, it’s never too late!)

What can I say, I love to share my successes and really care about so many of you on my favorite chat/social media sites.

So here’s a huge (((hug across the miles)))

Anytime you all feel like talking about how to live your life without being sick, a good night’s sleep and more energy than you know what to do with,  just let me know-I’d love to help!

DJKatie (aka Rooster)

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“May the Best Team Win” (No more participation trophies)

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I’m a football fan. I appreciate good teams & hard work. I have been a Detroit & Miami fan my whole life pretty much. Now I just enjoy the games & the talent. I think the teams that made the finals all had a chance & sometimes we don’t like all the calls made by the refs, but only one gets the superbowl trophy & rings. That’s the way it’s supposed to be. It gives each team motivation in the future to strive to be better. Going for the trophy or the gold metals in the olympics, striving to reach the stars, the top of the summit & improve & be the best that we can be is what it’s all about.

I was fortunate enough to be taught & learned how to acheive goals & give it my all at a young age. This helps us in life & losing sometimes helps us win later on. In today’s society, there are too many trophies. You’ve heard about it so much lately. Everyone gets a “participation trophy”. I think this is one of the reasons so many of us have gotten so lazy. We’ve lost sight of what motivates us to improve & succeed. It’s gotten too easy & now everyone gets rewarded, even when they didn’t go that extra mile.

So here’s to the winners. They worked hard to get where they are & they are another example of what hard work does in the long run.